Since childhood I have had a soft spot for Husky's. My dad raced Husky's in the '60's and '70's and I grew up hearing glory day stories of riding and racing various Husky's. While modern day parenting might consider this brainwashing I believe it was just passing along the passion for a great motorcycle brand. In the summer of 1996 after I had finally saved up enough money it was off to the closest Husky dealer to buy my first Husky. A 1996 WXC 410 that I still own and ride to this day.

In 2006 I started 7602 Racing to produce guards and accessories for Husqvarna motorcycles. At the time there were very few aftermarket options available to the Husqvarna rider. Husky has grown since then and there are now plenty of options out there, but we still pride ourselves on being Husky first. In 2011 we added KTM products to the lineup. I have always gravitated towards the smaller underdog type European brands. Although KTM and Husky can no longer be considered the small underdogs we will continue to focus only on these brands. Possibly another small European brand will be added in the future?

At 7602 our goal is to design and build products that not only performed their designated function, but also as many others as possible. My thinking is why just build a set of strong, beefy radiator braces when you can build a set of radiator braces that are strong but also light, have cutouts to allow maximum airflow and tool access points, to allow a cooling fan to be mounted directly to the brace, that allow for a removable front radiator guard that can be added or taken off depending on the level of protection you need. And then offer them in cool colors for those want their braces to look awesome too. We apply this same design philosophy to all our products. We want our products to be functional, innovative, strong, dependable, light weight and good looking. In short we want our products to the absolute best in every category.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them!

Clay Hamilton
Owner 7602 Racing